Friday, November 29, 2013

IWFM Vendor Profile: Piccoli Dolci

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we'll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Piccoli Dolci, first season at IWFM      

Piccoli Dolci ("Little Sweets") makes authentic Italian cookies and pastries, handcrafted in small batches to create remarkable textures and flavors. Our heirloom recipes are thoughtfully selected to bring you the best of Italian traditions. We are based in Bloomington, Ind.

Most popular item?

First-time customers might want to try our crostata - a shortbread tart filled with either raspberry or apricot preserves. It's a classic Italian tart that is as good with coffee for breakfast as it is for dessert. Our most popular cookies are cantucci (a true almond biscotti) and krumiri (a light shortbread).

Why should people shop at the IWFM?

Farmers market vendors have an incredible passion for what they do. That really shines through when it comes to the quality and taste of their products.

What do you buy at the IWFM?

We love to use locally grown fruits, like apples and pears, in our tarts. 


Friday, November 22, 2013

IWFM Vendor Profile: Schacht Farm

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we'll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Schacht Farm, sixth season at IWFM: 

We're a family farm just south of Bloomington that raises free-range chickens for eggs and meat, free-range turkey and heritage breed, pastured pork. Both the land and animals are managed naturally, without the use of chemicals. Animals are raised outdoors in their natural environment, where they are free to express their species-specific behaviors. 
Most popular items?
  Eggs from our free-range hens, along with our various sausages from our pastured hogs. Our free-range turkeys, available fresh just before Thanksgiving, are always popular as well.
Why should people shop at the IWFM?  
  We manage our animals based on our own convictions of how they should be cared for. When folks buy from us and others who farm like us, they are supporting our efforts toward humane management and sustainability. 

What do you buy at the IWFM?
  We swap meat for veggies from Silverthorn Farm and Harvestland Farm, hot oatmeal on market days from Muddy Fork Farm and Bakery, as well as flowers and herbs, including those we give customers with their Thanksgiving turkeys, from Harvest Moon Flower Farm.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas at the IWFM

From menu planning to cooking, cleaning and making chitchat with relatives, the holidays can be stressful! But this Saturday, the Indy Winter Farmers Market has you covered with one-stop shopping

All of our more than 40 local vendors have something to make your holiday a little tastier, a little prettier and a whole lot easier. Plus, supporting Indiana farmers, producers and artisans fits perfectly with the holiday spirit, don't you think? 

Whatever your role this holiday season, we have local products that are sure to impress:

You're the host/hostess:

You’re on appetizer duty:

You’re making the main meal:

You’re doing the desserts:

You’re a guest of honor:

  • Try a tasty gift with a message -- addictive granola from Project Endure!
  • Everyone loves a specialty oil from Artisano’s Oil & Spices
  • Cater to fido with a tasty local treat from Pet Lovers Organic Bakery
  • Don’t forget the cat of the house! KG Acres Farm & Featherwerks has great catnip fish toys!
  • Who doesn’t love getting chocolate? Try the Cashew Buckeyes from Litterally Divine Toffee & Truffles
  • Gift your hosts something to sip the next morning with a calming tea variety from Humbolt County Tea Co.
  • Stock your hosts' shelves in style with beautiful jams from Home Ec.

List compiled by Maggie Loiselle, social media strategist for the Indy Winter Farmers Market, who's thankful for a year off from holiday hosting and cooking as she and her partner, Seth, prepare to welcome their first child this month.

Nov. 23 Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendors

We have all your Thanksgiving shopping needs covered at the market this week! From no-fuss appetizers, to main course staples and gifts for the host/hostess, you can find everything you need this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. inside the warmth of The Platform in the west wing of the Indianapolis City Market

Here is the list of vendors who'll be at the market this Saturday. See you there!

3 in 1 Restaurant
Dickinson Custom Furniture
*RETURNING THIS WEEK* Farming for Life
*NEW THIS SEASON* Funny Bone Farm (outside)
*NEW THIS SEASONGaia Natural Cleaners
Harvestland Farm of Aspire Indiana
Hobbit Gardens
Humbodt County Tea Company
KG Acres Farm & Featherwerks
*NEW THIS WEEK* Lattice & Lard
*NEW THIS WEEK* Lena's Mediterranean Kitchen
Litterally Divine Toffee & Truffles
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery
Natural Born Juicers (truck outside)
*RETURNING THIS WEEK* Pet Lovers Organic Bakery

Project Endure
Raw Gourmet Delights
*NEW THIS SEASON* Rolling in the Dough
Sapori D'Italia
Schacht Farm (outside)
*NEW THIS SEASON* Shamrock Farm
The Measuring Cup
*NEW THIS SEASON* Three Carrots
Wild's Apple Farm

To see all of the vendors who will be coming to market this season, click here.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

IWFM Vendor Profile: Gaia Natural Cleaners

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we'll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Gaia Natural Cleaners, second year at IWFM 
(previously Earth Mama)

Based in Greenfield, Gaia offers all-natural household cleaners infused with organic essential oils and using minimal ingredients. Products include laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, granite cleaner, spot remover, floor cleaner and powder hand soap.
Most popular items?
  The laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner sell quickly.
Why should people shop at the IWFM?  
  The IWFM is very impressive! You have dozens of the best local farmers to talk to and buy from and other unique vendors that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It can be a bit overwhelming the first visit!
What do you buy at the IWFM? 
  I buy fresh produce, grass-fed beef, salmon, when it's available, and fresh bread almost weekly! | Facebook

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nov. 16 Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendors

Thank you for helping us kick off the sixth season of the Indy Winter Farmers Market last weekend! It was wonderful to see a steady stream of shoppers interacting with our great vendors, catching up with each other and picking up fresh, local food to share. 

MORESee pictures here!

Don't miss the second market of the season this Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., inside The Platform in the west wing of the Indianapolis City Market! Here's this week's vendors list:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

IWFM Vendor Profile: Muddy Fork Bakery

Every week during the Indy Winter Farmers Market season, we'll be profiling one of our local vendors! You can find the full list of IWFM vendors and past profiles here.

Muddy Fork Bakery, third year at IWFM:

Brick-oven bakery located just north of Bloomington. We use locally-grown, freshly ground organic whole wheat in our breads, which we bake in our wood-fired brick oven. We also make pizzas using fresh, local ingredients, and we take advantage of the leftover heat in the oven by making granola, muesli and granola bars.  

Why shop at the IWFM?
You can get the healthiest, tastiest food, produce and meats, and support your local farmers and businesses!  

What do you buy at the IWFM:
We look forward to shopping for cheese and veggies!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov. 9 Indy Winter Farmers Market Vendors

We're excited to kick off the sixth season of the Indy Winter Farmers Market this Saturday at The Platform in the west wing of the Indianapolis City Market!

We'll have more than 40 vendors selling everything from fresh, local produce to Indiana-raised meat products, bread, sweets and more! The market runs from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturdays through April.

Here's the full vendor list for this Saturday:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Slashed SNAP Benefits A Blow To Our Community

We at Growing Places Indy and the Indy Winter Farmers Market are saddened that more than 925,000 Hoosiers saw their SNAP benefits cut Friday when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 expired.

For a family of four enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously called food stamps, it means a loss of up to $36 a month.

With many families already struggling to put healthy food on the table, the cuts mean more Hoosier families will go hungry more days each month. These are children, parents and families in our community, working hard at low-paying jobs that serve our day-to-day life.

Because we believe that communities are made more vibrant and resilient when everyone is empowered to Grow well, Eat well, Live well, Be well, Growing Places Indy has been working for three years to help ensure hard working families in our community don't go hungry.

Through our Eat Well Initiative, we proudly accept SNAP benefits at the Indy Winter Farmers Market and at our summer farm stand, and we offer matching of up to $20 a week funded through community partners and your donations!
Please consider donating to help support our efforts and giving of your time at area food banks to help our neighbors who are losing critical food assistance. We all pay the price when members of our community are not able to eat well and be well!