Friday, October 29, 2010

Indy's Kitchen -Recipe for Success Workshop!

Indy's Kitchen is going to host a workshop for cooks and bakers who want solid, practical, how-to information that can help you jump-start and/or or grow your food business. Learn more here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Pecha Kucha Indy] Have a great idea about food? We have $5k.

Friday November 12, 2010 8PM
@ the Athenaeum Buy Tickets

You like food.
You have an idea.
We have $5,000. Let's talk.

Email your idea to in the form of 500 words that are a description of your project highlighting your vision to benefit your community in Indiana using food, how the project will be executed, and the impact it will have. You have until Sunday October 24th 11:59pm.

Or instead you can watch on Friday November 12th. And decide. $10 gets you entry and a vote as to who wins. Maybe you should buy some tickets

(Thanks: Indiana Humanities Council, Central Indiana Community Foundation, Asthmatic Kitty Records, Big Car and Method Architecture.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Write for the IWFM E-Newsletter or Blog

We want to hear from you!

This year we want to feature the experiences, thoughts and sage advise of the IWFM community in our e-newsletter and blog. We are looking for at least 22 essays on one of the following themes.

Email your essay (no more than one page please) to by Monday November 15, 2010.

We'll let you know if your essay will be included in an e-newsletter or on the blog. You are welcome to email us something you wrote previously, or a link to a posting on a blog of your own.

Themes to write on: (Note - The questions are just ideas to get the writing wheels turning. Come up with your own ideas related to the themes as well.)

  • Spirit & Place - Food for Thought - Send us your Food for Thought. How does food, farming, sharing meals relate to Spirit and Place for you? What Spirit & Place Festival events do you plan to attend and why?
  • How to Feed a Family on Local Food - Whether you are a family of one or ten, what are challenges and successes of feeding your family on Local Food?
  • Earth-Friendly Shopping, Eating & Kitchen Tips - How do you minimize the plastic bags and packaging at the market? How do you adjust your diet and food dollars to be more earth-friendly? How do you store produce, breads, and fresh products to keep them fresh longer? Share tips with us and we'll share them with others.
  • Calling All Carnivores - What are your favorite unexpected meats? What are your top considerations in selecting the meat you eat? How do you believe meat fits into, or challenges a balanced agricultural ecosystem?
  • Cultivating Diverse Food Culture - What is your food culture? What does "Diverse Food Culture" mean to you? Does food culture play a role in defining the culture of a place or group of people? What have been your most memorable experiences of a food culture other than your own?
  • Opportunities in Food Entrepreneurship - Do you earn income from a food or farm related business? Do you have dreams of operating a food or farm related business? What are your wildest visions for new food and farm related businesses in Indy? How would it change the food culture of our city? Please share with us.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help us spread the word about the IWFM new season and location!

Share the Indy Winter Farmers Market experience with your friends and colleagues! Help us spread the word by forwarding this announcement, or downloading our flyer to print and post.
Thank you!