Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas from the Winter Market

On this day after Thanksgiving, we continue to give thanks for the bounty of harvest available from our local growers, and from my own garden. In our home, it was with much gratitude to our local growers and our own garden that we shared the harvest meal with 16 family members and friends. The meal included a marvelous turkey from Schacht Farm, and an array of decadent dishes made with: potatoes, onions, garlic, and eggs from Brown Family Farm; carrots and leeks from Balanced Harvest Farm; beets from Seldon Seen Farm; milk from the Apple Family Farm; apples and cider from Wild's Apple Farm; red and green tomatoes, herbs, radishes, & chard from our own garden; and various other goods from local producers.

Please feel free to share your Thanksgiving stories and recipes involving local products. December is sure to involve more gatherings and meals with friends and family, so let's share favorite recipes highlighting goods available at the Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market.

Additionally, I am grateful this year for all of you who have come to support this market and make it a success. It is so exciting to witness the growing enthusiasm and demand for locally produced food and goods for daily living.

This holiday season, we invite you to share the gifts of our local producers with your family and friends. Some of our producer vendors have put together their own holiday gift baskets, and you can create your own from the variety of soaps, honey, and shelf-stable goods available at market. The more adventurous will create gift boxes of frozen goods as well. Or, gift a friend with a delicious meal at your place or theirs made from your market favorites.

Back and New this Week:
Alan's Catered Events - check out the variety of mouth watering delights
Capriole Goat Cheese - We know there were many disappointed folk last week when Capriole was away. Not to worry, they are back this week to surpass your goat cheese desires.

New Last Week and returning:
Hubbard & Cravens Coffee - hot coffee and hot coco available by the cup, in addition to their selection of locally roasted coffees
Peace Leaf Teas - this week with hot tea available by the cup
Pooh's Hunny - Ken's honey was such a hit last week, buy it fast or you might miss out!

Out this week but returning next week:
Englewood Collective - Their fantastic selection of books on topics of gardening, food, environmental stewardship and sustainability will be back on Dec. 6th for your holiday shopping pleasure.
Nicole-Taylor's Fresh Pasta - A huge hit in their first week, not to be missed on Dec. 6th!

Remember you can get cups of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate at market, so leave your Starbucks for another time.

Bring your visiting guests and enjoy a little time at the market this Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sign-Up for the weekly Indy Winter Farmers Market E-Newsletter

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Also, please remember we will be collecting food items weekly for donation to a local food pantry or soup kitchen. You can bring canned goods (of a quality you would feed your own family) or buy items at market to donate. Look for the orange half barrel by the Market Information Table at the front door.

We want to encourage you to bring your own shopping bags that can be re-used. If you have extra shopping bags around - cloth, paper, or plastic - please bring them for the "Leave One, Take One" bin. If you forget your shopping bag one week, you can take one from the bin yourself. Re-using shopping bags, especially cloth, is one more easy way to practice responsible environmental stewardship. Plastic bags are a petroleum dependent product. The proliferation of plastic bags around the world has had a hugely damaging environmental impact. Many countries, and even some states in the US are moving toward banning their distribution in grocery stores. In Indianapolis, Marsh supermarkets will now give you 5 cents back if you bring your own grocery bag! We can't give you money back, but we'll give you a friendly smile and warm kudos for doing your part. 

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for a Great Opening Week! Next... Thanksgiving!

To use my favorite Norwegian phrase, "Tusen Takk" (a thousand thank yous) to all who came out in the cold wet weather for our opening week. You certainly made it a grand opening! It was so exciting to see the growers and producers fill into the space in the morning, and then the entire room fill with enthusiastic market patrons from open to close. We hope to see you back every week supporting our fantastic and dedicated group of growers and producers. To view photos taken by a friend of the market, go here.

Enjoying Thanksgiving a little closer to home (even if you're traveling a little further afield). Don't miss your last opportunity before Thanksgiving to pick up all the delicious foods & locally made goods you need and desire to ensure this Thanksgiving is one to remember as you share this time of giving thanks for the harvest with friends and family.

Looking for some new recipes to spice up your Thanksgiving meal? Here are a couple of recipes that will offer a new twist to the traditional meal, as well as highlight local goods available at market this week!
  • Two-Stage Roasted Turkey with Honey-Pepper Rub - hopefully you pre-ordered your Schacht Farm turkey this spring, and you bought all the herbs you need last week from Hobbit Gardens. Stock up on garlic, onions, remaining fresh peppers, and hopefully honey available this week.
  • Smokey Chipotle-Mushroom Gravy - forget the dried mushrooms from the recipe. You can get them fresh and delicious from Homestead Growers this week.
  • Winter Squash Lasagna with Sage, Hickory Nuts and Kale - This one is great as a vegetarian item on the table. We suggest replacing walnuts in the recipe with hickory nuts from the Burton's, and try a mix of the kale varieties available this week. You will also find lasagna noodles at market, and of course cheese to vary the recipe slightly.
  • Cilantro-Poblano Cream Sauce - look for leeks, chiles or other peppers, & cilantro from the vegetable growers at market.
  • Silky Mushroom Pate - buy it ready made from Country Mouse, City Mouse, or brave your own attempt with ingredients from the market.
  • Here is a recipe for Brussels Sprouts that will have you back after Thanksgiving to make it again! Try out hickory nuts in place of walnuts in this one as well.
  • Here are two more great ways to use Kale in your Thanksgiving meal.
Send us your favorite Thanksgiving recipes highlighting locally available ingredients, and we'll make them available this week on the blog. Or, send us photos of your Thanksgiving meal to show off how you used your market goods! Email

We have a few new arrivals this week, so be sure to check them out:
Cafe Iris - soups and salad dressings
Hubbard & Craven Coffee Co. - Enjoy a cup o' joe while you shop, and take home beans for your Thanksgiving gathering.
Tracey Clean - all natural, non-toxic household cleaners. There is no better way to prepare your home for your Thanksgiving guests, or to repair after. :) 
Nicole-Taylor's Fresh Pasta - featuring several varieties of handmade pastas
Peace Leaf Teas - featuring holiday tea blends

Out this week, but returning soon:
Capriole - the goat cheese folks. Our stuffed chard rolls sure won't be the same, but we look forward to having them back next week.
Hobbit Gardens - Constance will return to help season and soothe our lives with her wonderful array of herbal products the week after Thanksgiving. 

Thanks again for helping to make the Indy Winter Farmers Market, not just a place to buy local food, but a means to build and enjoy our local food community!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shopping Tips for Opening Week

A few opening week tips for all who have expressed so much excitement about the opportunity to patron the new Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market.

  • Not sure where you are going? Here's a map for 2442 N. Central Ave.
  • Parking: You CAN park on both sides of Central Ave. There is a parking lot for the building, but those spaces will likely fill up fast. Volunteer will be around and can help point you in the direction of parking spaces is necessary.
  • Yes the market will be inside. Because of this, and because we have so many wonderful growers, producers and patrons mingling perhaps rather cozily in the market space, we kindly recommend leaving friends of the canine variety at home. Thank you!
  • A food bank collection bin will be placed near the front door each week of the market. Non-perishable food items will be contributed to Indianapolis' Gleaners food bank. Please consider bringing organic canned goods, or better yet buy an extra non-perishable at market to donate. Everyone deserves good food, especially food grown locally.
  • Shopping bags: We strongly encourage that you bring your own, reusable bags to cut down on plastic and paper waste from shopping bags. We will have a "Leave One, Take One" extra shopping bag bin at market each week. If you forget or don't have a shopping bag, instead of collecting plastic bags as you shop, "Take One" from the bin when you arrive. If you have an overly large cloth or plastic shopping bag collection already, "Leave One" to contribute to the cause.
  • Volunteer to help with the market: Do you love the farmers market so much that you simply can't imagine Saturday without it? Perhaps you'd like to volunteer to help our growers and producers set up for market on Saturday mornings, or to help direct fellow marketers to shopping, or to help answer general questions. If so, email Laura Henderson at Thanks!
  • Other ideas or suggestions? Email Laura Henderson at
We look forward to seeing you Saturday, rain, snow or shine!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market Welcomes a Wonderful Array of Growers & Producers

With less than a week until opening day, the Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market is ready to welcome a wide array of some of Indiana's best growers and producers. The following growers & producers will be attending the market, offering products such as those listed:

Alan's Catered Events - homemade canned goods and breads (
Apple Family Farm - beef, lamb, & veal (
Balanced Harvest Farm - late season vegetables (
Brown Family Farm - beef, pork, lam & eggs (
Burton's Maplewood Farm - maple syrup, fruit butters & preserves, persimmon pulp and products (
Capriole Goat Cheese - fresh, ripened & farmstead goat cheeses (
Country Mouse, City Mouse - compound butters, salad dressings, spreads, chutneys, dips, & condiments (
Daina's Petite Pies - frozen savory & dessert individual serving pies (
Englewood Church - book co-op, apple butter, apple sauce, beeswax lip balm & hand cream
Field's Farm - late season vegetables & holiday wreathes
Flower Child Aromatherapy - natural, non-toxic soaps & body care products 
Hobbit Gardens - fresh cut & dried herbs, window box herb plants, wreathes, herbal products - salves, creams, oils, vinegars, teas, tinctures & more (
Homestead Growers/Local Folks Foods - mushrooms, mushroom patties, jams, salsa, pasta sauce ( and
Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co. - (
Murphy Farm - eggs
New Day Meadery - mead wine (
Pooh's Hunny - raw, unfiltered honey & beeswax soaps
Rene's Bakery - breads & baked goods (
Seldom Seen Farm - late season, winter & green house vegetables (
Schacht Fleece Farm - chicken, eggs, beef, lamb, yarn (
Sunset Acres - aged, raw cow cheeses, eggs, soaps
Tracey Clean - natural, non-toxic cleaning products (
Valentine Hill Farm - homemade breads & baked goods (
Wild's Apple Farm - apples, cider 

With more growers and producers expressing interest, the list may still grow!